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Wolff Chiropractic Wellness Center is now offering ways to keep well through motion and vibration services!

* Keeping well through motion services uses Trigger Point Therapy, Body Wraps, Sauna Sessions, Power Wave, Vibration 360 & GX 5.

What does the Power Wave do? It is a dry high pressure hot water massage table that you lay on as jets hit your spine and legs. There is a weight limit of 230 lbs. The settings we use can help eliminate the appearance of cellulite and helps with wellness of your body!

What is and what does the GX5 do? The GX5 is a percussor or vibrator with various speeds and various heads for trigger point work as well as helps with circulation to problem areas or areas of your body that need attention or areas you want done. It can be used to do Lymphatic Drainage, which carries waste products away from tissues back into the circulation for removal. Trigger point therapy helps break up cycles of pain and muscle spasms.

What are Body Wraps? Body Wraps are elastic wraps in our special solution that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite to various parts of your body ( around your waist, hips, arms, thighs, chest, etc.) Body Wraps also help reduce toxins in your body and makes your skin feel wonderfully soft!

What is the Vibration 360 and what is its purpose? The Vibration 360 is a vibration board and while on the board, you can do various exercises in just 10 minutes to help sculpt your body. The purpose is to burn calories faster, reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone muscles, increase circulation, maintain bone density and reduce joint pain.

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